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A  Dorchester marketing and creative design agency.

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We are the people you call when you need new ideas, creative solutions and positive impressions.

We are specialists in developing marketing strategy, being relentlessly creative and in bringing great ideas to life.

We are confident that we can help you with your marketing and make a real impact on your business.

We understand how to engage, inspire and drive action.

We deal in creative solutions, problems solved, ideas generated, campaigns planned and promotions nailed.

We’re a Dorchester marketing agency but we also work in London and other super glamorous places!

Our Work

Sunninghill Prep School

Sunninghill Prep School

The Commercial Law Practice

The Commercial Law Practice

Southfield Veterinary Centre

Southfield Veterinary Centre

Discover Poundbury

Discover Poundbury

About Us

We’re a Dorchester marketing agency based on the principles of good old fashioned problem solving and developing real relationships with our clients. We’re about understanding your business and delivering the right solution. We love to measure and analyse and we’re always driven to generate return on investment for you.

We can be found applying our unique creative thinking to developing strategy, delivering digital excellence and executing social know-how. We love a great idea almost as much as developing relationships with our clients and we’ll do whatever it takes to produce outstanding work that you’ll love.

Rob Jones

Rob founded our Dorchester marketing agency in early 2015. A massively experienced marketer with 18 years experience of leading marketing teams across a variety of sectors delivering exceptional results along the way.

Rob has a passion for working with companies to understand what makes them tick, what makes them unique and where we can help them go. A specialist in strategic marketing, he’s a great listener, relentlessly creative and is always focused on the return.

Rob has a track record for delivering campaigns that really work, inspire action and build the brand. He’s on a mission to deliver great work.

Rob leads on all aspects of marketing strategy and account management. He’s a Pisces, you’ll like him!

We’re a Dorchester marketing agency and we’re always on the lookout for talent people! If you’re a passionate worker and think you have what it takes, send your CV and details to jobs@stonecoast.co.uk for all opportunities.

What We Do

We provide the strategic marketing know-how for many of our clients, helping them to shape their marketing strategy to get the biggest impact from their marketing spend.

We’ve led creative workshops that get to the heart of our clients’ marketing proposition, their positioning in the market and their marketing goals. We turn ideas and concepts into a strategy roadmap that guides and informs marketing decisions.

We design and develop great looking and highly effective websites. When we build you a website, we make sure that it provides a brilliant user experience, is optimised for mobile devices, is set up to optimise search opportunities and has an easy to use content management system. We make websites that our clients love! Check out our work and we’re sure you’ll like what you see.

We also work with clients to ensure that their marketing activity can be measured. Key to that is ensuring that all digital activity is accurately tracked. We set up all our websites up for Google Analytics and have developed many bespoke reports that show where sites are performing well and where they can be improved.

Email marketing can be really effective and we have developed high-performing campaigns for some of our biggest clients. Email marketing is a great way for your company to reach existing or potential new clients. We ensure that our email campaigns are set-up to capture a wealth of information so you know exactly how your campaign has performed.

We’ve got a track record of print design that is engaging and impactful. We understand how to grab attention and get the key message across; all in a beautifully designed package. There is definitely still a place for traditional print advertising in your campaigns but it needs to stand out and command attention. Check out our work to see what we’ve done.

We love to take our clients’ brands outdoors and we have experience of creating pop-up displays, banners and posters to name but a few. We always ensure that any outdoor material supports the brand, fits the strategy and stands out.

We have worked with several clients to update their visual identity or create a new one from scratch. This includes developing new logos, colours, fonts, approach to photography etc. We have revitalised brands and made them stand out in their markets. We have ensured that our clients’ visual identities support their strategies and reflect the brilliant businesses they are.

We have designed and developed beautiful new stationery for a number of our clients. Stationary can be the first thing that a potential customer receives and something that existing customers receive regularly so it needs to look great and reflect your brand.

We love to solve problems through great design and signage is an area that we really excel in. We’ve worked extensively with our clients to modernise and improve their signage. Our approach is to develop concepts that have a high impact and support the brand.

We have stacks of experience in taking our designs across the range of marketing material and have developed all kinds of promotional material. From corporate brochures to punchy postcards, we design promotional material that really stands out.

We’re a Dorchester marketing agency and we love getting getting out and taking great photos. We have undertaken photo shoots for a number of clients such as Sunninghill Prep School, Discover Poundbury and the Hambro Arms. We are passionate about capturing the essence of our clients’ businesses and reflecting their character in the photos we take.

We have helped many clients develop copy for their websites, promotional material and social media. We have experience of writing for web and for print and we know how to make the right impact in each medium. In particular, developing the right copy for websites is essential if you want your website to be found in search.

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